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Jess de Wahls vs. transgender people

Jess de Wahls is an East German-born artist and anti-transgender activist based in London.


Jess De Wahls was born in 1983. She grew up in East Berlin and moved to the UK in 2004. Her medium is embroidery.

De Wahls’ father crossdresses: “My father doesn’t do labels other than sometimes jokingly calling himself a paradise bird.”

Anti-transgender activism

in 2019, de Wahls published a long statement accompanying an embroidered artwork. In it, she revealed herself to be deeply involved in anti-transgender activism.

In 2021 she became a cause célèbre for anti-transgender activists when the Royal Academy pulled her work from their gift shop after complaints about her transphobia. They later apologized.

She has gone on to write for anti-transgender publications, including UnHerd and The Spectator.


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