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Ellen Pasternack vs. transgender people

Ellen Pasternack is a British biologist, sex segregationist, science communicator, and anti-transgender activist.


Ellen Pasternack attended University of Oxford, earning a bachelor’s degree in 2016, a master’s degree in 2017, and a doctorate in 2023. Her background on her mother’s side is German and Ashkenazi.

She has written for The Critic, UnHerd, New Statesman, The Specator, The Telegraph, CapX, and Works in Progress.

Anti-transgender activism

Her activism around trans people emerged in 2018, when she was upset that the Oxford University Student Union uninvited Jenni Murray in the wake of Murray’s 2017 anti-trans column, “Be trans, be proud — but don’t call yourself a “real woman.”

In 2022 Fiona MacKenzie, Louise Perry, Olivia Robey, and Pasternack joined forces for The OH Research Ltd d/b/a The Other Half, a UK nonprofit researching “practical, workable policy in the interests of women.”


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