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Dan Carlin and transgender people

Dan Carlin is an American podcaster and author considered by some to be part of the intellectual dark web.

Carlin has been conspicuously silent on the historic civil rights struggle of trans and gender diverse people.


Daniel “Dan” Carlin was born November 14, 1965 to parents involved in film and TV production. Carlin earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Colorado, Boulder in 1989. Carlin worked as a journalist in Los Angeles.

Carlin began podcasting in 2005, eventually hosting three shows: Hardcore HistoryHardcore History: Addendum, and Common Sense.

Intellectual dark web

Analysis of the DanCarlin subreddit suggests that the connection to the intellectual dark web is weak.

Carlin has been a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Nicholas Quah stated in Vulture that both “possess politics that can be fairly hard to describe, but typically run counter to the dominant strings of liberal politics.” 

In addition to connections to Joe Rogan, Carlin has collaborated with Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Tim Ferriss


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