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Claire Lehmann vs. transgender people

Claire Lehmann is an Australian writer and anti-transgender activist. Lehmann is a key figure in the so-called intellectual dark web, described as a gateway to the far right. Lehmann is founding editor of anti-trans publication Quillette, also classified a pathway to right-wing radicalization.


Claire (Jensen) Lehmann was born on July 18, 1985 and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. Lehmann earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Adelaide in 2010. Jensen married Harold M. “Harry” Lehmann at age 27 and dropped out of graduate school when their first child was born in 2013.

Lehmann worked 2011-2014 as a Policy Research Assistant at Australian College of Nursing and 2015-2016 as a Communications officer​ at National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance.

Lehmann is a columnist at The Australian.

Anti-transgender activism

Lehmann founded Quillette in October 2015.

Lehman profiled anti-trans psychologist Lee Jussim in 2015.

Lehmann began writing for alt-right punlication The Rebel Media in 2017.


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