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Carl Benjamin vs. transgender people

Carl Benjamin, is a British far-right activist and media personality who has maintained three YouTube channels: Sargon of Akkad, The Thinkery, and Akkad Daily.

Benjamin has consistently espoused anti-transgender views and is associated with other anti-trans extremists.


Carl Benjamin was born in 1980.

Benjamin was an early member of the so-called intellectual dark web, a gateway to the far right.


Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (Jan 6, 2023) Akkad Daily – Kellie-Jay interviewed by Carl Benjamin YouTube

The Serf Times (Aug 13, 2021). Sargon of Akkad has some VERY DATED OPINIONS of Trans Rights (Carl WHINES about Trans Rights Rally!)

Rationality Rules (Jan 16, 2020). What Makes a Woman? | Stephen Woodford vs. Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad)

Brenton Lengel (Jul 7, 2020). DEBATE: Trans Women in Sports (Sargon of Akkad vs Brenton Lengel)

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters (Aug 21, 2023). Our Civilisation Hurts Children.


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