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Robert Withers vs. transgender people

Robert Withers is a British psychologist and anti-transgender activist.

Withers was a member of the anti-trans organization Pediatric & Adolescent Gender Dysphoria Working Group.


Robert “Bob” Withers earned a master’s degree from University of Sussex.

Withers helped establish the Rock Clinic in Kemp Town in 1990.

Anti-trans activism

In 2015, Withers published an article titled “The seventh penis,” which was later withdrawn over patient consent issues:

The above article published online on 19 May 2015 in Wiley Online Library (, and in print and online in issue 60:3 (cover date June 2015) has been withdrawn by agreement between the author, the journal’s Editors-in-Chief, Marcus West and Nora Swan-Foster, and John Wiley & Sons Limited. The withdrawal has been agreed because consent to publish was not obtained. The author and the journal apologize for this oversight.


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