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Randi Ettner and transgender people

Randi Ettner is an American psychologist and author known for affirming work with transgender and gender diverse people.


Randi Joy (Cahan) Ettner¬†was born in 1952 in¬†Lincolnwood, Illinois. Ettner earned a bachelor’s degree from¬†Indiana University, followed by a master’s degree from¬†Roosevelt University.

Ettner began working with transgender people in 1977 at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Ettner received a doctorate in psychology at Northwestern University, with a dissertation on childbirth. Ettner had additional training at Moray House School of Education in Scotland.

Ettner is founder of New Health Foundation Worldwide and works with spouse Frederic M. “Fred” Ettner, a physician.

Ettner referred transgender patients to surgeon¬†Eugene Schrang¬†until Schrang’s retirement.¬†Ettner is a member of the¬†American Psychological Association¬†and is a Fellow, Diplomate, and served on the Board of Directors from 2001 to 2005 for the¬†World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Ettner has helped pass anti-discrimination laws, provided testimony on behalf of trans people seeking workplace rights, and works to secure appropriate treatment for prisoners.¬†Ettner has also been a critic of psychologist¬†J. Michael Bailey‘s 2003 book¬†The Man Who Would Be Queen. Bailey claims the book was initially motivated by “gross inaccuracies in Ettner’s account of transsexualism.”¬†Ettner works to improve understanding of trans issues,¬†and has spoken out against attitudes used to justify violence against trans people.

Below is a clip from a 2006 interview I did with Dr. Ettner on coming out.


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