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The COGIATI “gender test” is fake science

The COGIATI is an online “gender test.” COGIATI stands for Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory. It sounds like it is a science test (even though it is not). It was made to tell if someone is a transgender woman, but it can not tell you that.

I like and respect Jennifer Diane Reitz. Jennifer created the COGIATI as part of a series Transsexual Tests. She has helped many people. However, I disagree strongly and respectfully with Jennifer on the COGIATI test. I do not think it will help people. These kinds of tests are not scientific. They do not have scientific validity.

The COGIATI has questions that Jennifer says are based on sex differentiation. The scores are:

  • -650 to -390: Class 1 (Definite Male)
  • -389 to -130: Class 2 (Feminine Male)
  • -129 to 129: Class 3 (Androgyne)
  • 130 to 389: Class 4 (Probable Transsexual)
  • 390 to 650: Class 5 (Classic Transsexual)

Many questions are like questions on other tests by Bem and Moir-Jessel. Those tests have problems, too.

Jennifer says:

The COGIATI is a prototype. It was designed for only one target: the curious, unsure, pre-operative POTENTIAL Male-To-Female transsexual (not a post-op, not someone who is already certain, not a Female-To-Male, not anyone else who fails to fit the stated definition target). Further, it was constructed for that given target only because no scientifically and medically based test for such people exists. None. Anywhere. I saw that there was a void, no physicians were filling it, and so I set to work. The COGIATI is a challenge to the scientific and medical community to follow my example, and do a better job than I.

While this is a good goal, I think the test is based on bad ideas and bad science. Some tests look like science, but they are not. This fake science is called pseudoscience.

People who like their score will think it is a good test. That is called bias.

To learn more on why gender tests are bad, go here.


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