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Behavior genetics

Several academic journals that are ostensibly “peer reviewed” are getting “peer-packed” with sympathetic ideologues and old-style cronyism. These include Archives of Sexual Behavior and Behavior Genetics.

These connections have been coming out as part of our investigation into J. Michael Bailey and the systemic problems that allowed his book The Man Who Would Be Queen to be published as “science.”

Sheri Berenbaum

Bailey’s colleague and co-author is one of the editors. Now at Penn State, did her post-doc at Minnesota before going to Southern Illinois.

Lisabeth DiLalla

Southern Illinois (where Bernbaum was a few years ago)

David A Blizzard (Penn State)

Gerald McClearn (Penn State)

Robert Plomin (formerly from Penn State)

Matt McGue

Thomas Bouchard

Mentor to Berenbaum and McGue, who has been slammed for his unethical work with twins at Minnesota, notably the “Jim Twins”.

John Loehlin

Bailey’s Ph.D. mentor. On the editorial board. Co-authored many articles with Lee Willerman.

Nick Martin

Queensland Institute

David Duffy

Queensland Institute

David C Rowe

Eugenics researcher who writes on criminality…