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Betty Steiner vs. transgender people

Betty Wilson Steiner-Conduit (1920 – February 16, 1994) was a Canadian psychiatrist. Steiner was the first head of the Gender Identity Clinic at Toronto’s notorious Clarke Institute of Psychiatry


After completing education in 1958, Steiner was appointed psychiatrist at the Women’s College Hospital, then took the appointment at the Clarke Institute in 1968.

Steiner was named a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians of Canada – FRCP(C). Steiner-Conduit married marketing executive Andrew Conduit in 1988. Both died in 1994 of carbon monoxide poisoning after leaving a car running in their garage. Steiner-Conduit was declared dead at the scene; Andrew Conduit died ten days later.

Books on gender

In 1985 Steiner edited Gender Dysphoria.

Steiner and Ray Blanchard co-authored the 1990 book Clinical Management of Gender Identity Disorders In Children And Adults.

TransEqual notes that this book is “where most of the oppression suffered by Canadian transsexuals comes from… Clinical Management provides an in depth look at the beliefs and policies of the Clarke’s Gender Identity Clinic, including considerable information about the ‘disorder model’ of transgender identity.”


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