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Alan Sanders

Alan Roger Sanders (born 1963) is an American behavior genetics researcher. His work examines genetics factors in “major psychiatric disorders and behavioral traits.” Sanders is looking for genetic markers for sexual orientation the way he has looked for complex diseases he believes in, like “schizophrenia.”


Sanders earned his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University in 1986. He received his medical degree in 1991 from Baylor College of Medicine and did his residency at Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Los Angeles.

Sanders made the unfortunate choice to associate with J. Michael Bailey at Northwestern University, working to replicate the “gay gene” work reported by Dean Hamer. Sanders worked with Bailey protege Khytam Dawood.

J. Michael Bailey has suggested homosexuality is a “developmental error” and has written on its correlation with mental illness. Bailey has also suggested screening for gay fetuses and aborting them is “morally acceptable” and a parent’s right.


Molecular Study of Sexual Orientation.

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