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Patrick W. Lappert vs. transgender people

Patrick W. Lappert is an American plastic surgeon and anti-transgender activist.

Lappert has testified in litigation or advocated on behalf of legislation to limit trans rights in states across the country including AlabamaArkansasUtah and Florida.


Patrick Walter “Pat” Lappert was born in Venezuela on September 30, 1954 and grew up Jewish. In 1960, the family moved to San Francisco, but Lappert’s parents divorced around 1966. Lappert became atheist as an adolescent, dropped out of high school at 15, and left home.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, Lappert earned a medical degree from Uniformed Services University School of Medicine in 1983 and completed a surgical residency at Naval Hospital Oakland in 1991. Lappert became board certified in surgery in 1992. Lappert then completed a plastic surgery residency at University of Tennessee-Memphis in 1994 and was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1997.

While stationed in Memphis, Lappert became suicidal, during which time a religious conversion to Christianity occurred. In 1995, Lappert was baptized in the Catholic church. In 2013, Lappert was ordained as a deacon in the Catholic church.

Lappert served in the Navy for 24 years, serving at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth from 1994 until retiring from the Navy as a Captain in 2002.

In 1981 Lappert married nurse Patrice Ann (Oberst) Lappert (born 1956), and they have six children.

Anti-transgender activism

Lappert is involved in Courage International, an organization that treats LGBTQ people like alcoholics who can overcome their urges through meetings.

Starting in 2014, Lappert began getting involved in criticizing transgender surgery, later expanding to all trans healthcare.

In his ruling that Arkansas’s 2021 law banning gender-affirming medical care for minors is unconstitutional,

US District Judge James M. Moody, Jr. commented on Lappert’s qualifications in ruling that the Arkansas ban on trans youth healthcare was unconstitutional:

“The Court does not credit the testimony of Professor Regnerus and gives it no weight because the Court finds that he lacks the qualifications to offer his opinions and failed to support them.” […]

“Dr. Lappert does not meet the requirements under Daubert to give opinions relevant to this case.” […]

Dr. Hruz has never treated a patient for gender dysphoria.”

Brandt v. Rutledge, 4:21CV00450 JM

Lappert appears in the 2022 propaganda piece Dysconnected.


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