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Sheila Jeffreys vs. transgender people

Sheila Jeffreys is an English-Australian author and anti-transgender extremist. She is a key figure in the gender critical movement that emanated from trans-exclusionary lesbian feminism.


 Jeffreys was born on May 13, 1948 in London. She went to an all-girls graduate school and studied at Manchester University.

Much of her early work was about sex segregation and sexuality segregation. She argued for a separatist “political lesbian” movement where a member “does not fuck men.”

Her 2014 book Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism is cobbled together from various online anti-trans forums and publications. It lays out her claims that transgender people perpetuate oppressive gender roles and mutilate their bodies with medical transition options. The book cover features praise by second-wave feminists Janice Raymond and Robin Morgan.

Jeffreys retired in 2015.


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Books by Jeffreys

  • The Spinster and Her Enemies (1985)
  • The Sexuality Debates (1987)
  • Anticlimax (1990)
  • Unpacking Queer Politics (2003)
  • Beauty and Misogyny (2005)
  • Gender Hurts (2014)