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Michele Moore vs. transgender people

Michele Moore is a British educator and anti-transgender extremist.


Michele Patricia Moore was born in July 1962. Moore earned a doctorate from University of Greenwich in 1993. Moore served as Professor of Inclusive Education at Northumbria University.

Anti-transgender activism

In a petition to have Moore removed as editor of Disability & Society, Melanie Yergeau and 1,000 signatories summarized Moore’s anti-trans views:

Moore has amplifiedĀ postings that claim trans suicide rates are a myth; she has made numerous posts that claimĀ trans narratives are a ā€œtrendā€; she has circulatedĀ links to her own eventsĀ that actively argue against transitioning, wherein she has claimed that ā€œself-identification of gender is harmful for children and young peopleā€; and she has on several occasions sharedĀ a crowdfunding pageĀ that purports to raise money for the fight against ā€œgender ideology.ā€ Many of Dr. Mooreā€™sĀ writingsĀ reproduce dangerous transphobic tropes.

Yergeau (2019)

Moore is founder of Inclusion Childhood & Education Ltd.

  • Sarah Beazley
  • Nawal El AmraniĀ 
  • Judith Szenasi
  • Afif
  • Ken El AmraniĀ 


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