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Mary Ann O’Hara

Mary Ann O’Hara is a British lecturer and anti-transgender activist. O’Hara is involved in Women’s Declaration International, an anti-transgender front group.


O’Hara was born in March 1954.

O’Hara was associated with Trafford Rape Crisis Limited from 2013 to 2017. O’Hara was an officer of Independent Choices Greater Manchester for one day in 2014.

Anti-transgender activism

Women’s Human Rights Campaign was cofounded in 2019 by:

They later changed the name to Women’s Declaration International (WDI). Their logo remained the same: XX to represent chromosomes, with the female symbol appended to the arm of the second X.

WDI paid to exhibit at the 2021 NGO CSW/NY event. The event’s online safety team tole Brew the kicked WDI out because several members were making comments online that were deemed inappropriate.