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Institute for Liberal Values vs. transgender people

The Institute for Liberal Values (ILV) is a conservative American nonprofit “focused on the promotion of individual freedom, rights, and liberty in everyday life.”

ILV has supported a number of conservative and anti-trans figures.


According to the ILV site:

Many of us started our personal missions to support liberal values after facing illiberal threats to our individuality and individual freedoms and seeking guidance and help from Counterweight. The networks we created offered us refuge and a community that inspired us to carry on the work Counterweight started: to promote diversity without division, collaboration without chaos, and conversation without constraint. In essence, we are an assembly of dissidents who believe that authoritarian and illiberal trends, no matter their origin ā€“ right, left, top, bottom or anywhere in between ā€“ threaten the fundamental values of a pluralistic democracy.

David Bernstein registered the organization and got IRS nonprofit status in 2022.



  • Jennifer Richmond
  • David Bernstein
  • Jason Littlefield
  • Erec Smith
  • Zander Keig


  • Mike Burke
  • Brian Russell Graham
  • Elizabeth Spievak


  • Angel Eduardo
  • James Petts
  • Leslie Elliott
  • Brandy Shufutinsky
  • Ken Pope

Facilitators (Solid Ground)

  • Jennifer Friend
  • Jodi Shaw
  • David Simpson
  • Deborah Knox


The Dissidents is a podcast that has significant overlap with Hold My Drink aka Counterweight Podcast.

Hosts include Mike Burke, Elizabeth Spievak, Winkfield Twyman, Jr., and Jennifer Richmond. Guests include Zander Keig, Wilfred Reilly, Lee Jussim, Elizabeth Weiss, and Helen Pluckrose.


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