Jenn Ross and the hoax

Jennifer E. Ross (born November 11, 1969) is a Canadian software developer and computer technician involved in the hoax. is a website allegedly written by and about transgender minors. Jenn Ross completed the physical aspects of her gender transition around the time she turned 30. She was in her mid-30s when went online, and she turns 40 years old in 2009.

Previously based in Boulder, Colorado, Ross was involved in developing prior to its publication in December 2004. Like site owner and notorious troll Denise Tree (also known as Kiira Triea), Ross is a Linux expert and makes a living as a computer technician and web developer. Alleged “transkid” Denise Tree is 58 years old in 2009, though she has shaved as many as 13 years off her age in various versions of her life story.

Jenn Ross was one of the key people who comprised 85% of all visits prior to the site’s publication. had 122 visits from Ross’ Boulder ISP prior to December 2004, as well as traffic from the Amsterdam-based IP associated with one of her businesses.

To date, participants identified by name do not embody the self-identity which allegedly represents (“homosexual transsexuals,” which they abbreviate HSTS). The front page of states:

Our purpose in making this website is to make the voices of transkids, homosexual transsexuals, directly accessable. We prefer to speak about our lives and issues ourselves and we are not helped by having our lives and issues represented and re-interpretted by non-homosexual transsexuals whose histories, motivations, etiology and personal understanding of their transsexuality is different from our own. [emphasis mine]

According to the site, “ is written by hsts and is about homosexual transsexuality.” Proponents of this term claim this “type” of transsexual is “naturally feminine” from early on, and exhibits “early, extreme, and effortless femininity.” Ray Blanchard claims he sees a seemingly close relation between computer nerdiness and "autogynephilia," a sex-fueled mental illness he created. In fact, Blanchard supporter J. Michael Bailey considers Jenn Ross' occupation as a computer expert to be a key indicator that someone is not a "homosexual transsexual" under their taxonomy.

jenn ross

Above: alleged "transkid" Jenn Ross (age 40 in 2009). Ross is typical of the people associated with the hoax.

Transsexual people as a group vehemently oppose the term "homosexual transsexual" and its pejorative baggage, because it identifies trans people by their sex assigned at birth rather than by their gender identity. The term is mainly used by a few old-school sexology holdouts in Toronto and their supporters.

Ross was associated with Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario and has had computer businesses based in Toronto for many years. Her online ventures have included IMN Internet Services, NetDesign Network Holdings, Inc., and most recently, Ross has also served as Chief Technology Officer at GW Hannaway and Associates in Boulder, Colorado. An author who published under the name Jennifer S. Davis was also associated with Ross' addresses.

Her vaginoplasty in the late 1990s was funded by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, which means it’s very likely she participated in the regressive programs at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), aka the Clarke Institute, in order to get a free vaginoplasty. Most adults in Toronto avoid CAMH and use private providers, leaving as the primary clientele those adults who enjoy the humiliation of regressive CAMH policies. CAMH employee Ray Blanchard has written about the “male gender dysphorics, paedophiles, and fetishists” they see in their clinic. Blanchard has said about women like Jenn Ross, “A man without a penis has certain disadvantages in this world, and this is in reality what you're creating.” That’s why anyone who can avoid the CAMH goes elsewhere.

I’ll be posting additional details and evidence in the future. If you have information about Jenn Ross’ involvement in the hoax, or first-hand information about the site in general, please contact me. I have honored requests for anonymity from several involved parties, which has helped expose this kind of online fraud and trolling directed at trans children and at gullible academics. In my time online, I have helped shut down several similar fake sites, including meme vectors like Changez Le Monde and

Those seeking legitimate information for and about trans minors and their families are encouraged to visit sites of the following national non-profits:

I also have a section on this site about transitioning early in life.