The Anne Who Would Be Queen:

Appendix: 1997 state case regarding Anne Lawrence's professional conduct, and subsequent resignation


As part of the ongoing investigation into the Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence clique of sexologists, this section explores persistent rumors that Anne Lawrence's 1997 resignation as an anesthesiologist was connected with Lawrence's erotic interest in ritualized genital modification.

The information below examines the link between Anne Lawrence's career-ending incident and Dr. Lawrence's professed erotic interest in genital modification. In May 2003, the State of Washington Department of Health delivered a 105-page dossier on Dr. Lawrence, the relevant pages of which are presented below.


Anne Lawrence's erotic interest surrounding medically-constructed vaginas and genital modification allegedly drove Dr. Lawrence to undergo genital modification in 1996. Dr. Lawrence subsequently learned the hard way that society's current threshold for acceptable "female" presentation is more nuanced than simply buying a vagina. Dr. Lawrence’s inability to be accepted socially by coworkers and patients culminated in a forced resignation in 1997, after a March 31 incident where Dr. Lawrence examined an unconscious Ethiopian patient’s vagina for signs of genital modification. Dr. Lawrence arrogantly refused to believe a peer who told Lawrence several times that the Ethiopian patient did not have genital modification. It appears that this arrogance and sexualized fascination clouded Lawrence's judgment enough to cause the destruction of Dr. Lawrence's 20-year career in anesthesiology.

Dr. Lawrence's current behavior toward transgender women has striking parallels to the 1997 incident. Once again, Lawrence arrogantly refuses to believe what others state-- in this case, that they do not share Lawrence's erotic interest in genital modification. Once again, Dr. Lawrence feels entitled to project this fascination onto others, showing the same arrogant sense of entitlement without regard for others seen in 1997, and the same gross abuse of a trusted position of professional authority in pursuit of a personal agenda.

Documentation in Case Number 97-05-0042MD

Part 1: Medical licensure and intake complaint

Part 2: 1997 Investigation

Notes on documentation

These scans are the best available copy from Washington State's Health Professions Quality Assurance Commission. Areas in white appear to be emendations made in the dossier at the request of Anne Lawrence and/or Dr. Lawrence's lawyers. These are indicated by [... bracketed ellipses...] in the transcripts. Areas in gray have been edited by me to protect certain aspects of Dr. Lawrence’s privacy, and are also indicated in the transcripts below. These documents have been transcribed verbatim, including any errors in the originals. Please contact me to report any inadvertent transcription errors.

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