David Buss on transsexualism

Buss is a frequent Bailey supporter. Of all the people in the investigation to date, Buss has the most overlapping interests and experiences with Bailey:

Member of Human Biodiversity Institute mailing list

Member with Bailey in International Academy of Sex Research

University of Texas, Austin

Evolutionary psychologist

Buss was listed on a show about homosexuality with J. Michael Bailey and his usual suspects.

The Sex Files

Why are some people gay? That's the $64,000 question - at least in the scientific community. Is it something genetically predetermined? Or does environment have an impact on whether an individual turns out to be gay or lesbian? These questions are beginning to be probed in ways that might finally be leading to an answer, and the Sex Files has interviewed the foremost authorities on the topic to uncover some of those scientific clues:

Dr. Devendra Singh, University of Texas psychologist specializing in the evolutionary significance of human physical attractiveness

Dr. Ken Zucker, head of the Child and Adolescent Gender Identity Clinic at the University of Toronto's Clarke Institute of Psychiatry

Dr. Ray Blanchard, head of the Clinical Sexology program at the University of Toronto's Clarke Institute of Psychiatry

Dr. Michael Bailey, professor of psychology at Northwestern University in Illinois and specialist in the genetics and environment of sexual orientation

Dr. Marc Breedlove, professor of psychology at UCLA specialising in the sexual differentiation of the brain.