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Transgender voice: Gram spectrogram setup

Gram is a freeware spectrogram for Windows/PC that can help with transgender voice practice.

Download: [.exe file]

NOTE: I did not create Gram, and the program was created in the early 2000s. The setup instructions below are all I can offer for tech support.

Setup instructions

Choose “Scan Input” from the File menu:

Match these settings in the Scan Input dialog box. Many are already set correctly, only a few will need to be changed:

  • Sample Rate: 22K
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Type: Mono
  • Display Type: Scroll
  • Channels: [not applicable]
  • Scale: 60
  • Palette: User
  • Scroll mem: On
  • Time Scale: 20
  • Cursor Offset: 0
  • Freq Scale: Linear
  • FFT Size: 4096 <- press the button
  • Freq Resolution: 6.5
  • Band: 0 and 1378
  • Spectrum Average: 1
  • Recording Enable: Off

Select OK at bottom left

Match these settings:

Pointers > Freq Mark

  • Marker 1: 175
  • Marker 2: 220

Select OK at bottom left

The lowest glowing blue line that appears when you make a sound should stay between these two markers when practicing, indicating that it is near our base feminine range (A220)