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Rosalyne Blumenstein, LCSW

No list of Los Angeles gender resources would be complete without mentioning activist, author, social worker, coach, and counselor, Rosalyne Blumenstein, LCSW. 

Rosalyne is the real deal, transitioning in New York in the 70s. She did it the old-fashioned way: on the streets. I especially recommend her to parents of trans youth, any young people challenging the constructs of gender at an early age, trans-youth coming up through the club scene, or anyone who has or will utilize the sex industry as a way to finance their transition. And last but certainly not least; anyone struggling with addiction and recovery issues such as drugs and alcohol, food, and/or sex.

Rosalyne has worked in the field of addiction and recovery for the past 13 years, focusing on the LGBT communities, communities of color, the oppressed and disenfranchised, as well as those dealing with trauma-related issues. She’s been a national consultant for many research projects funded by the federal government focusing on Trans Health issues.

She’s not only doing the work; She’s been there, and she can help you find a way to better understand the choices you make in your life.

Rosalyne’s been published in psychological and scientific journals, addiction literature, queer academia, national magazines, and newspapers. As a social worker, Rosalyne is especially proud of her addiction and prevention work. As a national consultant and trainer, Rosalyne has earned a reputation for her ability to educate her audience/s. As a woman of transsexual experience, she has taken pride in being a loud-mouthed, tell-it-like-it-is, sexually provocative native of Brooklyn, NY.

This is not only a memoir. It’s a book split into 3 parts:

1. An autobiographical sketch speaking in the vernacular while interconnecting progressive therapeutic jargon to delight and confuse the reader.

2. A book that helps one recognize the power of a formal and informal education as well as the mystical powers of the sex industry.

3. And last but not least; riveting speeches that will challenge your beliefs regarding gender, race, class, and the intensities of neo-social justice movements.

BRANDED T can speak to all within the trans community if one is able to move out of their comfort zone and truly take an introspective look as to what it intrinsically makes you reflect upon.

BRANDED T is a book that’s been used in major Universities, as a guide to addiction and recovery issues, a book for parents of trans youth, as well as those new to transition, the [trans] admirer, the researcher, and those that are young and new to their identity.

Branded T is a true transsexual success story. I am not sure if anyone has ever been more forthcoming and honest in a transsexual autobiography. Hers is a true story about a teenage runaway, her brushes with suicide, gender identity issues, homelessness, drug addiction, and the sex industry. She describes how recovery has helped her grow as an individual and become someone who helps other heal.

Rosalyne Blumenstein LCSW (

  • Specializing in Addiction and Recovery
  • Trauma related issues
  • Core identity exploration
  • Supportive image consult
  • Coaching and counseling those new to transition
  • Rosalyne is available for one-on-one and group
  • “‘Have Counseling and coaching tools and willing to travel to you”