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Isabel Montserrat Sánchez and transgender people

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Below is a letter from Isabel, an activist in Mexico who is working to make more local resources available in Spanish. Isabel included essays as well:

  • Adictos sexuales? (PDF)
  • Divisiones entre la diversidad sexual (PDF)
  • Padres Transexuales, Matrimonio e Hijos (PDF)
  • Transexualidad y discriminación Laboral en México (PDF)

Hello. Greetings for all the peoples and groups who receive this mail. The reason for my message is to try to communicate with more supports groups and trans people around the world with the purpose of friendship. I’m trans girl from Guadalajara, Méx., I have 27 and I have a project in mind that is to create conscience about what means to be transsexual, have a point of information, create a support group for trans girls and boys, and have communication with other groups and trans people in the world. In part this project is because the lack of information causes that other people are confused about what is a trans person, and they confuse this with other groups like homosexuals, crossdressers, etc, as well the disinformation is one of the biggest sources of discrimination. For this reason I decided to create a community (, the purpose of this community is to inform and to offer support to all trans people, friendship an a point where all this peoples can express their feelings and doubts. In México and many parts of Latin America does not offer the necessary support for the GLBT community, we are rejected by the society, but this is because the lack of knowledge, because they don’t want to see the reality, the reality that we are just humans, we are womans or mans, and we just want to live our lives as we truly are.

Also I’m working together with my sister Brenda in a project that she I have been devising 3 years ago, this project is the creation of a web site which we hoped has the greater amount of information about transexuality in Spanish, besides to have forums of participation for the people who visit the site. This site will be ready very soon and if you want I can send you the link. At the moment the MSN community does not have many members but I hope that with the pass of time it will change, the project is not only to have the MSN community and to have the best  web site in Latin America, also is to create a support groups physically where the people can go in search of information, direction and support.

Also I want to tell you that some weeks ago I began to write articles on subjects of interest for the transsexual community, these articles has been published in sites like Carla Antonelli, in some groups of MSN and in some publications like enkidu magazine, homopolis and anodis. My desire is to be able to reach more people and groups for share this articles and for made a brotherhood between all the trans people.

If some of you are interested, we can work together in some projects and share ideas and information. Also I would like form friendship bonds with all of you. Also I can collaborate with to many glad with other publications or Web sites.

I send you to all an invitation for visit the little MSN community that I began, this is in Spanish but we can make links and message boards in English if you want.

For those who speaks spanish I will attach to this mail a copy of my last 2 articles that I wrote, for the rest I can send you this articles when I finish the translation. If some of you wishes to publish them, you can do it, just send me a mail where and when will be published.

Your attentive friend.