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New Brunswick transgender resources

In addition to national and federal Canada transgender resources, below are options for trans resources in the province of New Brunswick.

For the American city of the same name, please see New Jersey resources.

In 2016, the government announced they would amend General Regulation 84-20 under the Medical Services Payment Act to make gender-confirming surgeries an insured service under Medicare.

Service New Brunswick also announced they would introduce legislation to amend the Vital Statistics Act to allow transgender individuals to change their birth certificates to match their gender identities.


Government of New Brunswick (

New Brunswick Health Council (

  • Contact this Moncton-based organization with health questions.

NB Transgender Health Network – NBTHN (

  • aka Réseau de santé trans du Nouveau-Brunswick – RSTNB.

Clinic 554 (

  • Clinic 554 is a family practice devoted to patient-driven healthcare.

World Professional Association of Transgender Health (

Historic resources

UBU Atlantic ( [archive]

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