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Manitoba transgender resources

In addition to national and federal Canada transgender resources, below are options for provincial trans resources in Manitoba.


Two Spirit Manitoba (

  • Indigenous support

Two-Spirit Michif Local (

  • Indigenous support

Rainbow Resource Centre (

Trans Manitoba (


Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning (


Klinic Community Health (

Canadian Association for Transgender Health (

Rainbow Resource Centre (

Sexuality Education Resource Center – SERC (

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (

  • GDAAY: Gender Dysphoria Assessment and Action for Youth

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba (


Justice Trans (

  • Manitoba


Sexual and Gender Minorities in Canadian Education and Society 1969-2013. A National Handbook for K-12 Educators (2016)


Gender Dysphoria Assessment and Action for Youth ( [archive]

Winnipeg Transgender Support Group ( [archive]

Transgender Cafe ( [archive]

Transgender Cafe ( [archive]


Hoye, Bryce (August 27, 2023). Barriers to care persist as Winnipeg gender transition clinics hope to chip away at backlogs. CBC

Ahmed, Azka (March 31, 2023). Two-spirit, trans, non-binary, gender diverse people face ‘exceptional barriers to overcome’: Manitoba artist. CBC