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Alberta transgender resources

In addition to national and federal Canada transgender resources, below are options for provincial trans resources in Alberta.


TESA – Trans Equality Society of Alberta (

  • Excellent provincial resource

Government of Alberta (

  • Life events: name and gender changes on identity documents

Province of Alberta (

  • Passport: see federal Canada transgender resources
  • Birth certificate: Vital Statistics Information Regulation (PDF)
  • Drivers license: Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation (PDF)


Skipping Stone Foundation (

  • Calgary-based charity supporting and empowering trans and gender diverse youth and their families in the province of Alberta.

Alberta Health Services (

World Professional Association of Transgender Health (

End of the Rainbow Foundation (

Centre for Sexuality (

See also

Canada transgender resources


Frew, Nicholas (April 27, 2022). Census data gives clearer picture of Alberta’s transgender, non-binary community. CBC