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Stanley Biber archive

Stanley Harold Biber (May 4, 1923 – January 16, 2006) was an American surgeon who served the transgender community, becoming the country’s most prolific surgeon of the 20th century. His practice was taken over by Marci Bowers.

The archival information below is for historical purposes.

Vaginoplasty with Stanley Biber (retired)

Contact information: [August 2003]

  • Address: 406 First National Bank Building Trinidad, Colorado 81082
  • Phone: (719) 846-3301
  • Fax: 719-846-6097
  • Website: [none]

General pages:

LINK: Indigo Pages on Stanley Biber

LINK: Georgie Girl: Trinidad, Colorado via PBS (2003)

LINK: Dr. Compassion by Lisa Neff, The Advocate, May 25, 1999

LINK: Old mining town now ‘sex-change’ capital by Pauline Arrilaga The Associated Press May 22, 1999

LINK: Sex-Change Industry a Boon to Small City by James Brooke, New York Times, November 8, 1998

LINK: Sex Machine by Harrison Fletcher, Denver Westword August 27, 1998

LINK: Crossing: A Memoir by Dierdre McCloskey (surgery in 1996)

LINK: Review of Biber on Geraldo by Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times Dec. 1, 1993

Usenet refers to articles by Michael Haederle Los Angeles Times January 23, 1995 and Sue Anne Pressley, Washington Post, May 13, 1998.

IFGE also lists a video called An Evening with Dr. Stanley Biber about his MTF Technique. Also through CDS

Related pages:

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LINK: Doctor Biber’s Letter by Melanie Anne Phillips (1991)

LINK: Post-op Care by Stanley Biber (1991) via Melanie Anne Phillips

Consumer experiences (most recent first)

LINK: Passage through Trinidad: journal of a surgical sex change, Claudine Griggs (1996)

LINK: My Sex Reassignment Surgery: A Biber Girl, Class of ’93, Tells All by Jessy X (1993) via

LINK: Chapter 24: Closure by Melanie Anne Phillips (1992) [for extended account, start at Chapter 20 in Diaries]


LINK: The Trinidad Experience by Jennifer York (undated), via Ingersoll Gender Center


Wikipedia (

A Gender Variance Who’s Who (