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Pichet Rodchareon

Vaginoplasty with Pichet Rodchareon

Contact information:

Address: Vibhavadi II Hospital, 519 Suthisan Rd. Huaikwang District Bangkok Thailand 10310


Mobile phone(English) : +661-813-0373
Mobile phone (Japanese) : +661-813-0373
Local contact : 01-933-1010
Clinic : 01-933-1010

Fax: +662-277-5907


Email: (English) (Japanese)

General pages:

LINK: Bangkok Plastic Surgery: Dr. Pichet

LINK: Bangkok Plastic Surgery services and prices

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Consumer experiences (most recent first)

LINK: Testimonials on Dr. Pichet’s commercial site by eight of his vaginoplasty patients:

Leslie (2003)
Natalie (2003)
Roberta (2003)
Marilyn (2002)
Christina (2003)
Jami (2001)
Lynn (2002)
Tamara (undated)

LINK: Vaginoplasty Results: Dr. Pichet Rodchareon via Anne Lawrence (1997 to 2003) (note: graphic images)

LINK: Four Positive Reports About Dr. Pichet by T., J., S., and A.(all 2003) via Anne Lawrence

LINK: The Truth about my SRS in Bangkok Thailand with Dr Pichet by Cindi Harrington (2003)

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LINK: Dissatisfaction After SRS With Dr. Pichet by Elizabeth and Claire (2002) via Anne Lawrence

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