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Manohar Lal Sharma

Vaginoplasty with Manohar Lal Sharma

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Address: 17, Nilgiri Apts, Alaknanda, New Delhi-India

Phone: +91-11-6462550,6466275

Mobile – 98100-11580



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I am working in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery since 1979.
I am practising in New Delhi since 1987.
I am a Senior Consultant in Plastic Surgery at Holy Family hospital and Mool Chand hospital.
New Delhi. India Sex change surgery- Male to FemaleCase selection – Once the psychiatrist has certified surgery can be undertaken.
Person should be essentially healthy.
Preoperative – The surgery is to be done under General anaesthesia.
The penis is degloved out. Testis is removed. A small piece of Glans and prepucial skin hood is taken out based on the vessels/nerve and is used to create new clitoris.
The urethra is brought out in the front below the propsed clitoris .
A hole is created in front of the anal opening.
The degloved penis is inverted into it to create a new vagina.
The desired depth and size of vagina needs to be discussed in advance.
If needed skin is added to this penile skin tube to add to the diameter.
The scrotal skin is tailored to make the Labia.
Dressings are applies. Urinary catheter is put in.
Postoperative- The patient should take full bed rest and let the tissues heal up.
Most of the sutures are removed in 10 days. Others would dissolve away.
Recovery – the new vagina is healed well in three weeks and should become soft in 3- 6 months.
Do not rush for physical relationship till it all healed and softened.
The new vagina will not have any self lubricating mechanism.
These factors will have to be kept in mind at the time of physical relationship.
Also it will be skin lined blind end tube. This skin will need cleaning / hygiene like the rest of the body skin.

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