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Facial feminization: injections


Lips are about the only common injectable facial augmentation procedures for women. Fuller lips can help you pass, but overdoing it is very common among drag queens and can be counterproductive if passing is your goal. I’m sure you’ve seen a few TG women who are a little “overpumped” or “overdone,” as they say. They get this kind of fish lip thing going.

There are several types of lip augmentations procedures. Collagen injection cost between $800 and $2000, but most people have total reabsorption of the collagen within a year. Sometimes the absorption is partial, and it can be reabsorbed unevenly, leaving your lips asymmetrical.

Some people get a thin ribbon of porous fiber (made by Gore-Tex) put into the lip. The tissue in the lip eventually permeates the fiber for lasting augmentation. Some women find that you can feel the ribbon in the lip. Not only can they feel it, but sometimes others can feel it.

Another option is alladerm. They harvest skin from cadavers and process it for placement in the lip. This is fairly new, but the implanted skin appears to be reabsorbed in many patients.

Fat injections harvest from someone’s own face have beet attempted, but like collagen, many patients reabsorb the injected fat. You can have uneven reabsorption, making this look lumpy or asymmetrical.


Another procedure some women get is injections to reduce wrinkles, especially nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. All of the above are sometimes used in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, with varying success.

Botox is short for botulism toxin and causes paralysis of muscles. It’s usually injected between the eyebrows to keep you from scrunching them together and causing wrinkles to form.

There is a chance of rejection or allergic reaction to any injected material.

A note on the dangers of injected free silicone

Some women get facial silicone injections to augment lips and cheekbones, or to fill in brow bossing or a cleft chin. This procedure is illegal and has been banned by FDA. It can be very dangerous, and the long-term results of this may be harmful., Some have had the silicone migrate, leaving their face looking a bit like it’s melted.