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Vulvoplasty (zero-depth vaginoplasty)

Vulvoplasty is the reshaping of external genitalia (vulva) with plastic surgery. Some people in sex and gender minority communities ask for bottom surgery that does not include creating a full vagina. This is also called zero depth vaginoplasty (ZDV), minimal depth vaginoplasty (MDV), or shallow depth vaginoplasty (SDV), and it’s sometimes referred to by the slang term dimple.

This option is sometimes chosen by:

  • people with health risks
  • people with concerns about complications from vaginoplasty
  • people who do not wish to have penetrative vaginal sex
  • people who can’t or won’t maintain a dilation schedule

The procedure has been performed on people with differences of sex development and has been offered in Asia for some time, especially by Thai surgeons. A 2018 study by Jiang and others found that among those who had vulvoplasties, the procedures was “associated with high satisfaction and low decision regret.”


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