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Genital prosthetics for transgender men

Transgender men and transmasculine people sometimes wear things formed like genitals. Doctors call these parts prosthetics. These prosthetics are formed like external genitalia. A prosthetic can make people who wear them feel better and help them do things.

There are three kinds of prosthetics. Each kind is made differently. People who use them sometimes call the three kinds “pack, pee, and play.”

Daily use (pack)

While almost anything can be used to create a bulge in underwear, swimwear, or shorts and pants, specialized products are available such as underwear with a genital bulge built in, or elastic packing boxers that fit snug against the skin and allow a packer to stay in place without sliding around.

Some people prefer a prosthetic specifically designed for daily use. Sometimes called a packer, these devices are usually made of silicone to look and feel like a soft penis and scrotum. Many can be held in place with adhesive directly applied to the skin, and they come in different sizes and skin tones.

Urination (pee)

Stand-to-Pee devices (also called StP devices) allow the user to stand while urinating. This can be helpful at urinals or in facilities that do not have toilet stalls. They are typically hollow tubes shaped like genitalia and made of a flexible material like rubber or silicone. They form a seal around the user’s urethra area, and the urine comes out through the urethral hole at the tip of the prosthetic.

Sexual activity (play)

These devices are designed to look like and function as penises with an erection. They can be used for penetrative sex. While some transmen and transmasculine people use dildos and sex toys available for the general consumer market, others use specialized and custom-made prostheses for sexual activity.

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