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Transgender passport resources

In many countries, citizens can get a passport that reflects their gender transition. This includes the United States.

All transgender Americans MUST get a passport that shows their new name and gender as soon as they can. This may be harder to do later if the rules change.

Why you need one

A passport that reflects your gender transition shows that the federal government officially recognizes your new identity. It is also recognized by other countries, so it is much stronger than a local identity card or document. You also need a valid passport if you need to travel outside many countries for:

  • work
  • medical care
  • visiting friends and family
  • funerals
  • vacation
  • personal or political reasons

Plan ahead!

Getting a passport can take many months. Plan ahead!

If getting a passport seems too hard, ask for help!

  • Ask a friend or loved one to help.
  • Get a lawyer to help. Some legal groups will help you for free.
  • Ask local LGBTQ groups or human rights organizations. Some will help you for free.

In this section

Passport rules for gender transition:

Disclaimer: This is legal talk, not legal advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction and change often. Some of this may not apply to you. It is presented without warranty. It may contain errors or omissions. You must do your own research.