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Paying for gender transition: Values

This will help you see how important transition is to you.

Take your time. Think about what each one means to you. Then mark the list:

  • A next to important things
  • B by somewhat important things
  • C by unimportant things

If you live alone, this is easier. If you live with someone, they should help. Have them do it alone, then look at both of your lists. You will need to share a new list.

Step 1: Values

  • a good life
  • helping others
  • cultural events
  • making a lot of money
  • education
  • excitement
  • family
  • family vacation
  • friends
  • being happy
  • health
  • how you look
  • being free
  • a good job
  • saving money
  • a house you own
  • fame
  • fitness
  • having no debt
  • faith
  • safety
  • pride
  • buying things
  • working for yourself
  • things that cost a lot


My A list is

  • how you look
  • helping others
  • friends
  • having no debt

You will learn about yourself by doing this. Some people have a family to put first. Some people want to own or keep a home. For some, work or faith is at the top of their list.

Where does transition fit with each thing on your A list? In some cases, it might contradict, and in others, it might fit perfectly.

Now that you know how you think about life and money, let’s write down your dreams.

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