Transsexual people and family issues

One of the most difficult parts of transition is gaining acceptance from your family. Luckily, more and more families are being understanding and accepting. This section is designed to help you talk to family in ways that will address their concerns and help them come to terms with the news.

Coming out

Coming out to family and friends is a different matter than coming out at work.

I have some comments and suggestions on coming out to parents in my early transition section. Some applies to anyone who plans to tell her family.

LINK: Tansfamily: Letters to Loved ones

A selection of letters that might assist in creating your own.

LINK: Telling Parents

A nice essay by Gianna Israel, courtesy Diane Wilson's site.

LINK: Why bother coming out?

Another useful essay by Gianna Israel, courtesy Diane Wilson's site.

For parents of someone in transition

LINK: TransYouth Family Allies: The major national resource for parents of trans youth.

LINK: TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation: Advocacy group by parents of transgender children

LINK: Gender and Sexuality Psychosocial Programs (Children's National Medical Center)

Their goal is "to support and affirm young children with gender-variant behaviors so that they can grow and develop healthy self-esteem and positive social participation."

Resources for Families

If you are concerned about your child's gender behaviors (PDF)

LINK: Mom, I Need To Be A Girl

The classic book by a mom who helped her daughter transition in her teens. Also in Spanish and French.

LINK: Transitioning early in life

Some inspirational information from Lynn Conway.

Understanding Transgender Children

An ABC News report.

Postoperative psychological functioning of adolescent transsexuals

A published paper showing that those who transition as teens are well-adjusted and stable after transition in proportion with the non-transgender population.

For parents who transition

LINK: Transparentcy

Paula Funatake has compiled the primary resource for materials on family issues.

LINK: My transsexual father

Stephen Gunther is a psychologist who shared his experiences when his male-to-female parent.

LINK: Michael Kantaras Court TV coverage

In 2003, Mr. Kantaras won a highly publicized custody battle in Florida, considered a significant legal victory for transsexuals, although he later renegotiated the arrangement.

Transsexuals and Divorce

A Philosophical essay on the matter by Kristina Maia-DeMott.

For spouses and partners of someone in transition

LINK: When You Love the One You're With...

By the wife of a MtF. Highly recommended.

LINK: The TG Partners Page

Personal stories from SOs of transsexuals.

LINK: Genderology

Links and resources maintained by the spouse of a transwoman.

How lies affect the spouses of TGs

By the the ex-spouse of a trans woman.

Transition and divorce

A response from a reader to How lies affect the spouses of TGs


Another response from a reader to How lies affect the spouses of TGs

LINK: The Straight Spouse Network

LINK: The Transsexual Person in Your Life (from

LINK: The Divorce Support Page

LINK: Journey of Hearts

An online healing place for anyone grieving a loss


A Yahoo group and mailing list for non-trans female partners of MtF transsexuals

LINK: Partners of men

A LiveJournal community for partners of FtM transsexuals

LINK: TransFamily