Dealing with financial stuff in transition

This is the hardest thing for most young TSs. I have a huge section on financing transition. If you're serious about doing this, you should check it out.

My main recommendation: if at all possible, get on an antiandrogen (or get castrated) as soon as possible and start facial hair removal. Doing these early on will put you at a big advantage later. It will also save you money and hassle in the long run. If I were in my teens, I'd put my money toward those things.

These are the biggest mistakes young TSs make:

Not planning realistically

Precision and realistic goals are essential. The less money you have, the more precise your goals must be. Do not overestimate how much money you'll have for transition. Don't have vague plans and goals. Most of us have little room for error.


People who fool around with breast creams and magic herbal feminizing pills, unproven hair growth and hair removal potions or contraptions, and even experimental medical procedures are all too common in our community, especially with younger TSs looking for cheap and quick fixes. The problem is that there are always scumbags willing to exploit TS desperation, so our community is constantly preyed upon by these scammers. Worse yet, many of those ripping off transsexuals are members of the TG community themselves!

If you cannot afford to waste your limited transition money on experimental products and procedures, DON'T! If it turns out to be a huge waste of money, it could set back your entire transition plan.

One of the most common procedures young TSs go for is pumping, or silicone injections directly under the skin. I strongly urge you to avoid this procedure. It's banned by the FDA for a reason-- there's a serious possibility of detrimental health problems later in life. Plus, I've seen some pretty crappy results from people who got pumped by someone who wasn't very good. Not pretty. For more on the dangers of this procedure, please read: Dangerous curves ahead.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Buying stuff from TG-friendly places

Never buy things like clothes and makeup or stuff that's supposed to change your body from "TG-friendly" places. These sites cater to crossdressers and sometimes offer worthless crap like breast creams, hair retardants, body shapers, or fake hormones. The only advantage of services like these is privacy, but the stuff is almost always marked up a TON, and the stuff that's supposed to change your body is useless. If you want hormones, get them through a doctor. If that's not an option (which is very rarely the case), check Dr. Lawrence's site for information on getting hormones from overseas. Buy clothes and makeup like any other woman would-- at places where everyone else shops.


A lot of women get obsessed with one aspect of transition, most commonly SRS. Coming out to parents and going full-time should be your first two goals. Once you're full-time and doing OK, then start thinking about SRS. Even if SRS is your top financial priority, it still has to be balanced with other priorities. If you place all your emphasis on one facet of transition and neglect other financial matters, like having an emergency fund, you could end up in a difficult position after you've met that primary goal. Try to keep everything in perspective.

Buying on impulse

Transition is wonderful. You are suddenly free to express yourself as you've always wanted. However, don't confuse this new freedom with freedom to purchase whatever catches your fancy.

If you are prone to impulse buying, put the purchase in perspective of your transition goals. Try to keep your eyes on the prize. I used to think of my money in "zap units." If I saw something I wanted, I'd say, "Is that something I want more than __ hours of electrolysis?"

This doesn't mean you can't treat yourself occasionally. Your spending plan should have money for just such moments. However, you need to think very carefully, and the bigger the price, the more you should think.