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Welcome to From Within written by Victoria Jefferies. From Within has been offline now for some time however with great thanks to Andrea at, it has now returned back online in pretty much it's complete former self. However, many of the articles that appeared on the original website have been lost, and as such only the story will now be found online.

From Within is the story of a girl who to borrow a very well used cliché is born trapped in the wrong body, that of a boy's body. The story sees Vicky travel to the lowest of lows in her despair to find herself within the horrendous pain that comes from being trapped in the wrong body. From this, Vicky finds light in the cold, harsh and upsetting life she leads to find true hope and true peace. This is a story of courage and of what truly can come from within...


Cover Picture Foreword (for this 4th Ed.)

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Purchase the paperback

With the re-issue of From Within is the new fourth edition of the paperback (234 pages) with an improved layout. If you would like to purchase the book you can do so from Cafépress, you will need a Mastercard of Visa credit card to order online, or mail a check to Cafépress with you order. Click here to read more and purchase.

Hopefully this time around more than four people will purchase it. Indeed, four people in the year and a half it was available. Indeed the point of this story was not for me to make money, but to help people and from the many emails I used to receive; the story was well received by many people. (I must have received around five-hundred emails or so from 2002 to early 2005 on the book) However if you do like the book and it has helped you, purchasing the book would be very gratefully received!

Contacting Me

I have made the decision to not list an email address here or be contactable. This is because I lead a very busy life and this story was written at a time when I had the means to be able to respond to correspondence. This is no longer the case, however in your travels around the net there will be many helpful, informative and trustworthy individuals who may be able to help you with your queries. Treat the story as my contact to you. :)

Parting Words

I truly wish you all the best in your search for the truth within you, and that you find the true inner peace you seek in good time whatever the outcome. Hold on to hope and seek the answers you are searching for, and do yourself proud in life. Believe in you, you can go so far..

With Love,

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