From Within

Chapter Seven

Vicky managed to make it to the end of the week, and to her last assembly at school, being as she had no real friends by the time she left, nobody had any idea apart from the school of her intensions, she sat down in the front row, as she was due to collect the Geography cup for her school.  She sat quietly listening to the speeches, the orchestra's interludes and then her presentation.  She was called up in her old name, but etched on the cup was her new name, she smiled broadly as the headmaster passed it to her who said to her quietly (as the words were covered in the din of clapping) "Best of luck with everything", they shook hands and parted ways.  Vicky knew in the her heart this was the last day she would have to face the world with people seeing a man.  Everybody in the house knew this, and that evening despite there being a sombre mood, everyone reminded themselves that it really was all for the better and that things would truly improve soon, if not from the next day onwards.  Duly Saturday arrived, the 17th of July 1999.

class="storytext">And so being the first day of the rest of her life, Vicky set above removing the artefacts that made her male, Emily had taught her all that she needed to know, and hid in Vicky's room in deep anticipation of the transformation.  Thankfully for Vicky she was sixteen and still had quite a feminine face under the ravages of her facial hair, this was her first day she would proudly and unambiguously say, I'm a woman!

As on many usual days she looked in the mirror at her ragged face covered in facial hair, untidy hair and thick eyebrows, not very female at all.

She shaved her facial hair off as she did so very often, she would have to do it again but this was just a temporary solution for the time being.

Sitting at Emily's dresser she plucked her eyebrows to a more feminine shape and brought her little makeup box onto the dresser.  She had bought a few bits, two eye shadows, a black mascara, a simple lip stick and some lip gloss, foundation and a pretty pink blusher.  She set to work on transforming her appearance with the magic items.  She then combed her hair carefully and it looked a lot better.

She put her favourite cropped red top on; and admired at the feminine results already showing in the mirror and smiled with much happiness.

Then deciding to play with her hair as many girls do for different looks and styles, she decided to go for a sporty look, just to see what it looked like.  She tied it up at the back and brought a fringe down from the top.

The results was an impressive difference, she padded out her bra; as she had not started HRT her breasts had not started to develop.  She decided to finish her makeover leaving her hair as it appeared.

And because she was now properly living as a girl, she decided just because she could - she wore the blue skirt she had bought, admittedly it was quite short but; she wore it out of defiance of her previous identity - even though they were the same person, it was only the day before she walked back from her last day at school living in society forcibly as a boy.  Looking in the mirror she was overwhelmed by emotion of the difference that had been made, and made by her!  She felt like a girl inside and out; there were some artefacts still, but she relaxed a lot more knowing her appearance could only get better with hormones and facial hair removal.

She then pulled her hair down again and combed it straight.  She liked the way she had arranged it, but wanted it to look the way she had her hair for many years.  Calling for Emily, she sat down and waited for her sister.  She burst through the door and immediately held her hand over her mouth in shock, a very pleasant shock - they were both speechless.  They rushed over to each other for a very tearful and emotional hug.  After a while Emily mustered to say something so simple but heart renderingly sincere

"Now you really are my sister!"


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