From Within

Chapter Fourteen

The summer was soon looming again, and almost one year full time and examinations were all on the horizon; it was extraordinary how quick the year had past by; and Vicky was due for her appointment with Russell Reid; with regards to finding out her surgery options that lay ahead for Vicky.  In another year's time she would be eighteen and eligible to have the operation.  She was still with Alex, and Emily had let the upset of the past go, and was back to her normal self.  It was coming up to her next appointment with her gender psychiatrist in London, and she hoped to at last raise the issue of surgery.  Indeed it was still another year until Vicky would reach the required age of eighteen, but soon, in two months she would have completed the other minimum requirement; the one year long "Real Life Experience".  Vicky however, hated all these terms, and just preferred if anything to say 'full time'.   


Of course even in the short while that Vicky had been on the required medication, she had at last begun to revel in the delights of her breasts developing, and even the tiny hint of curves beginning to shape her with the soft skin the hormones had also changed on her for the better.  How she loved it sitting down seeing her clearer skin, far less hair, in its feminine glow, and to finally touch the softness and warmness that came from within was nothing short of breathtaking.  And of course Alex was very pleased that at last his girl was becoming more and more happy with herself by the day, but that his girl was soft to touch, something he did kind of notice before Vicky told him the full truth; but he thought nothing of it, being as he hardly could say what the average for girls skin texture was!


The day came for Vicky and her parents to make the trip to London, the fifth of May.  However first of all they drove down to Alex's house which rather confused her.


"Err.  Why are we at Alex's" asked Vicky, peering out of the passenger side window to see Alex step out the door, walk through the front gate, and towards the car

"A surprise honey" smiled Ellen.  Alex jumped into the back of the car as well, and gave Vicky a kiss, whom was still rather confused.

"I thought you might appreciate some support my girl" Alex said calmly.

"Well...." Vicky stuttered.

"Don't worry, it's no effort for me, and hey I get to see you my sweetie" he grinned.

"I guess!"  Vicky laughed, feeling a little taken aback by his kind presence and gesture, and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks, it means a lot to me" she continued.

She sat there smiling for a while at him, a little bit embarrassed that her parents were around.


"So what is it you are wanting to bring up today honey" Alex asked, an hour of the journey having passed and only now having got the courage to actually now enquire about the actual meeting that lay ahead with the psychiatrist.

"Well I knew this would be rather hard to explain" she paused "but it's mainly to do with the operation, so I kinda understand you may not be very erm, comfortable with discussing such a subject" as she petered out.

"Well it's not something I really think about to be honest, but is this just to do with perhaps organising things for the future?", said Alex clearly being reminded in black and white her true anatomical state which he was of course not quite comfortable thinking about, and almost mentally he went to shake his head of the idea.  He breathed in at the thoughts,  and cleared his mind, took a look at Vicky and her long hair, her cute face and soon he was feeling a lot better reminding himself that he certainly did have a girlfriend.  Of course for Vicky is was almost the same too, she did not wish to think of it, and psychologically she never ever felt she did indeed have a penis, and frankly she never thought of it either, it was just horrible, and wonder she was so desperate to have at least start on the path to having the issue rectified as soon as possible; though that still laid at least a further year away.

"Basically, yes.  It's to sort out the plan of action over the next year.  And also to possibly start another drug to aid the process, and I suppose on easier ground, just to let him know how things are going really" she smiled, placing her hand on Alex's who had gone rather quiet with various thoughts. Alex smiled back and reassured Vicky,

"Hey I'm alright, I just find it difficult to grasp these things, all that matters is" Alex went quiet realising Vicky's parents were right there and felt embarrassed, leant over to Vicky's ear and whispered, "all that matters is that you are my girlfriend and you know, I really, really like you for who you are".  Vicky laughed and gave him a hug, as best as she could stuck in the car.




Four hours had past and finally they had got to London in good time, parked up and decided to go for coffee before they went into the office. The four chatted away about issues other than what was laying ahead, and soon had to drink up as they realised what the time was.  They arrived to the clinic in good time, and Alex walked in with a bit of trepidation, stepping into the unknown almost.  He sat down tentatively next to Vicky who talked in hushed tones reassuring her boyfriend that it was alright and that if he changed his mind about going in, he could.


"No, No!  I want to come in with you, I want to be there for you.  This was my decision to come along and here I am" he said rather adamantly.

"Well you know I highly appreciate that" Vicky smiled leaning on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Alex, he's a very nice man, and I'm sure you will be quite fine" reassured Vicky's dad.

"Thanks" Alex said back.


Eventually Russell popped out from his consultation room and shook another patient's hands, it was an older lady and Alex's stomach turned inside him, what on earth was he letting himself in for, this was hardly the stuff he really wanted to hear.  Then it dawned on him a couple of other people in the waiting room were looking at him to work out whether it was him or Vicky that was seeing Russell, he immediately looked away feeling really uncomfortable.  Russell called them in and shook Vicky's hand.


"So who have you brought along today Vicky?" referring to Alex as they sat down and he shut the door behind him.

"Oh, I'm Alex, Vicky's boyfriend" Alex answered without hesitation wishing to clear up who he was!

"Ahhh I see, I think Vicky mentioned you when I saw her in January earlier this year" he smiled.

"Yes, this is him" Vicky smiled placing her hand on Alex's knee, who had relaxed a bit by then.

"So your here just to support her I guess Alex?" Russell asked.

"Sure, yeah, it was a surprise as her parents are out there too" he said a lot more like himself.

"So how have things been for you Vicky since I saw you last?" Russell asked after pausing to look at her notes, in his endearing New Zealand accent.

"Well, it's been fantastic, things have truly changed so much...."


The meeting lasted for about forty-five minutes and eventually they both emerged happy enough and Alex not at all phased by what he had heard, and quite pleased he had come along.  Good news had been heard all around and on the way to somewhere to eat for the evening, they ran through all that had been discussed, which was primarily about the very good news of starting the progress towards surgery the following year.  Russell was to write to Vicky's GP who had been supportive so far in converting her prescriptions to NHS ones, who would find out about her funding for the operation in Brighton, South East England in a small place known as Woodingdean.  Of course Vicky was over the moon with this, but all hinged on whether her local health authority would agree to funding, which would be of around £9,000, a figure Vicky's parents could not afford, let alone Vicky who was paying for her private sessions with Russell Reid out of her wages.


They found a pub not too far from where Vicky and her family used to live, west of London many years ago, before they moved to where they lived at present, it was just in a small pub, which was pleasant enough and this was the first time Alex had really eaten out with Vicky and her parents.  Vicky decided to give Emily a call to see how things were and walked over to the payphone, leaving her confident man it seemed nattering away to her parents.  She put the twenty pence piece in and waited for an answer and eventually Emily answered.


"Hello?" Emily said on the other end.

"Cooo-eeeee Em's!" Vicky cheerfully said down the phone. "I can't be long but just calling to see if everything is cool?" she continued to ask.

"Yeah fine, James has gone out with his mates playing football, the pig!" Emily said mopingly.

"Why what's he done?" Vicky asked.

"Well it ended up me doing the dinner, spaghetti bolognaise, fine I thought, the slob he is" Emily went on.

"uhhuh..." Vicky said listening.

"Well I had to answer the door to Jasmine, she's over here right now, just having a girlie night in, anyway James decided to dish his dinner up and took pretty much all of it!" she whinged.

"Well that's brothers for you! Look there's probably five quid in my room go and take that and get you and Jasmine some chips or something from the chippy" Vicky said evidently in a buoyant mood.

"Really, I couldn't!" Emily said, even though she loved the sound of getting chips.

"Take it, just to spite James if anything" insisted Vicky.

"Oh... Ok!  Thanks sis, you the best!" Emily said in her teenage English! "So how was your day?"

"Yeah really good, tell you about it tomorrow as we will be back late" Vicky explained.

"Ok hunnie, well I'll let you go and thanks for the money honey!" thanked Emily.

"No problem, take care and say Hi to Jasmine for me!" Vicky said.

"Yeah sure, safe journey to you all" Emily said.

"Yeah... Bye hunnie! Money almost gone!" Vicky said quickly.


"Bye!" said Vicky back as the payphone cut her off.


Vicky wandered back to the table and just let Chris and Ellen know that everything was alright and what James had done, which was no surprise to anyone.  They chatted away for another hour, paid the waitress and got in the car for the three or so hour drive back home.  Something Chris was not relishing as he was the onoly driver there, except Alex was learning.  And if his current standard of driving, Chris was quite glad to drive home rather than let Alex loose!


Back at home Emily was busy washing up and the door bell rang, it was one of Vicky's friends.


"Hi there, I'm Danielle, Vicky knows me from college" she said.

"Oh right..." said Emily.

"Just she said I could pick up some notes for a lesson we have tomorrow, has she left them?" she asked.

"Not that she told me, she might have left them in her room as there was a few bits and pieces on her bed when I went up there a few moments ago" Emily said. "Go and get them, I'm sure that's what you need".  Emily was very trusting and had seen Danielle before now, but not known her by name.

"Thanks sweetheart, I won't be a minute".  Emily went back to the kitchen to put the dishes away,and Danielle went upstairs to Vicky's room.


Sure enough the pieces of paper on the bed were the notes Danielle needed, and as she walked out she noticed one of Vicky's bras on the floor, for some reason rather than just leaving it, Danielle saw Vicky's top draw ajar and muttered to herself "Someone was in a rush this morning" she laughed and opened the draw and put the bra back.  Just as she went to close the draw, she noticed her passport.  And being unusually nosey for Danielle she thought it would be funny to see yet another gormless passport photo.  She pulled it out of the draw and flicked to the back. She was not ready for what she saw... It was not Vicky's name, though the photo bore a resemblance to her, and then by the words sex, it did not say F for female, but M, for male...


Danielle froze and dropped the passport back, confused, but knowing something she never expected of Vicky, was that she was... She had a history she rightly wanted to hide.  Danielle did not know what to do, she walked down the stairs with the notes, thanked Emily, and left the house.  As she waked down the path she looked at the notes, looking at Vicky's cute handwriting and the words "Vicky Jefferies".  She did not know what to believe, did she tell Vicky's other friends who she felt may need to know.  Did Alex know?  Maybe she should tell Vicky, or keep quiet.  Back in the car, Vicky fallen asleep on Alex's shoulders, blissfully and innocently unaware that very soon her whole life could be left in ruins...  


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