Susan Ann Robins

Not to be confused with American transgender activist Susan Ann Robbins.

Sue Robins. Source: Flickr/wa6mhz

Susan Ann “Sue” Robins (born circa 1955) is an American transgender activist.


Robins has lived in the San Diego area much of her life.

She is also involved in the local ham radio community, serving as editor of the newsletter for the Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon (WA6BGS).

Online identities

  • Susan Ann Robins
  • Sue Ann Robins
  • sueann173
  • sue_ann_robins
  • AF6LJ

Alleged and unconfirmed online identities

  • Liz Whitecloud
  • LizWhite
  • anoldfriend


Robins has been listed as involved in several LGBTQ activist organizations, including San Diego TransFamily, San Diego Transgender Community Coalition, and The Neutral Corner.

Robins is a well-known internet troll who has been banned from many social media platforms and websites. Blogger Bil Browning said he had to ban her from his blog, and podcaster Rebecca Juro said she had to ban her from her radio show. Activists Monica Helms and Monica Roberts have also described similar interactions.

She was involved in the USENET trolling at and has also included a link to a site promoting the fake disease “Harry Benjamin Syndrome.”


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San Diego Transgender Community Coalition

The Neutral Corner

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  • Ham call sign AF6LJ




Note: an earlier version of this biography contained information which has been removed or corrected. My apologies for the mistake.