Susan Ann Robins

Sue Ann Robins (born 1955) is an American engineer and “autogynephilia” activist. She was a supporter of psychologist J. Michael Bailey, author of The Man Who Would Be Queen.

“Autogynephilia” activism

Robins was a member of a defunct “support” group for people who believe they have a sex-fueled mental illness called “autogynephilia.” This disease was made up by Ray Blanchard in 1989. The support group was terminated by Yahoo for violations of Terms of Service in 2005 because list owner Willow Arune began using that group to cyberstalk and harass people Arune doesn’t like. Group members frequently try to claim that the group was shut down by me, when it is clear that Arune’s incompetence was the reason Yahoo terminated the group for all Arune’s trolling and baiting.

Robins also considers founder Lisanne Anderson aka Lori Anjou a “dear friend.” Like almost everyone who considers themselves afflicted with “autogynephilia,” Robins identifies as disabled:

“I was borne blind and made my through life with 20/200 vision. being denied services, jobs and treated like a sec nod class citizen… The one eyed Crossdresser with a chip on his shoulder… in my case it cost me the best job I ever had.”

“The clerk at the DMV here in SanDiego didn’t want to help me fill my name change paperwork. I didn’t yell at her, and make threats I politely reminded her that the American’s with Disabilities Act required her to provide someone to help me to fill out the form.”

“I was the receptionist for the Oasis Day Spa. I would still be thee if it wasn’t for an unfortunate accident that left my best friend and the co-owner of the salon disabled.”

Robins lived in San Diego but planned a move to Texas in 2005. In October 2005, Robins sent out the following note announcing a rambling rant by J. Michael Bailey, titled “Academic McCarthyism” and published in Northwestern’s conservative student newspaper:

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Hi everyone,

I got this in my mailbox just a while  ago.

As many of you know I have been a supporter of Bailey’s views on  transsexualisum. I still support his views. I know people who identify as  autogynephilic and freely talk about their experiences both pre-op and  Post-op. if the phenomena exists why shouldn’t it be written about.   Perhaps I am the only one aside form the rest of us who were on  Autogynaphilia Support, a former Yahoo group that Andréa James and Lynn Conway  had shut down because they disagreed with what Bailey wrote about, and wanted  to stomp out any discussion on the subject. So much for free, speech and free  exchange of ideas, I guess. The thought police are out there and they are our  so-called mentors and  leaders.

So what I have below is the long awaited reply to all the accusations made  against J Michael Bailey, I would highly recommend anybody who had or has an opnion on the subject to please read it. I would also recommend anybody who  thinks our so-called leaders have our best interest in mind. I say this  because by their actions they have reduced themselves to nothing more then a  sorry excuse for guests on Jerry Springer.  

Thank  You to all of our so-called leaders, you have showed your true intolerance  once again. In addition, for that you deserve the same level of intolerance.  As we all slide back 25 years and loose most all the progress of the last  quarter century we made.
Susan Ann  Robins


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