Michael McClure

Michael McClure is an American web developer and proponent of “autogynephilia.” In 2o04, he was a single-purpose reviewer of The Man Who Would Be Queen on Amazon.

Michael McClure

4.0 out of 5 stars

Captivating study of homosexuality and transsexuality

February 26, 2004

This book has caused quite a stir as the reviews below suggest. The subject matter is controversial, and the author’s approach–first-hand accounts and summaries of the literature–will not appeal to everyone. Despite a reliance on secondary sources, Bailey breaks new ground in this unusually lucid review of the causes of male homosexuality and transsexuality. Most arresting is his claim that there are two types of transsexuality, one related to homosexuality, the other totally different and caused by male identification with the female form. He concludes that both types of transsexuals are rooted in biology.
The book should be of interest to therapists who treat transsexuals, as well as preoperative and postoperative transsexuals seeking more information. There is also a helpful “how-to” section on the transition process from male to “female,” including surgery, hormones, etc.

Beginning in 2016, McClure began a personal blog discussing transition-related topics and promoting “autogynephilia.”