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Philosophy of science and transgender people

Philosophy of science is an academic discipline that looks at the philosophical underpinnings of activity related to the scientific method.

The field is of interest to trans and gender diverse people because of the ways in which ideas about science have been been used to oppress our communities. This is particularly salient in the fields of biology, genetics, medicine, as well as in behavioral sciences including psychology and sexology.

Of particular interest is the Dregerian narrative, a philosophical framing which suggests that sex and gender minorities hate science and seek to suppress “the truth.” As biologist Julia Serano explains, the Dregerian narrative claims “There is a cabal of transgender activists who are irrational, overly sensitive, out of control, and on a mission to censor any and all science that they do not like!” It is named after gender critical historian Alice Dreger, a key promoter of the narrative through her writings critical of progressive transgender politics.



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