Overdoing it: silicone can only add to the face

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Most plastic surgery procedures used in facial feminization reduce the size of features, like nose, forehead, or chin. Silicone and other fillers can only add to the face, so some people try to use it to make other parts of the face look proportionally smaller. Besides adding it to cheekbones and lips, some even use it to fill in a brow ridge, cleft chin, etc. These additions give a very characteristic moonfaced look. Go to any drag pageant, and you'll see a few women who have overdone it. Many women I know who got their lips pumped keep their mouth in this open fish-faced manner.

Some women are actually going for this garish, exaggerated look. However, if you're young and wish to pass, I strongly advise not doing silicone in your face no matter what, even if you decide to risk putting it in your breasts or butt. It's just too hard to do right, and it's more likely to shift or cause problems later.

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