This page gives an overview of issues raised by J. Michael Bailey's book on gender variance.

J. Michael Bailey is Chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University. In March 2003, he published a book called The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Many see this book as the most defamatory book written about gender variance since Janice Raymond wrote The Transsexual Empire in 1979.

Introduction to taxonomies and theory

A Critique of the Autogynephilia Hypothesis (by Catherine Anderson, Ph.D.)

LINK: The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted (by Joan Roughgarden, Ph.D.)

The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted: A response (by Drs. Hegarty, Lenihan, Barker and Moon)

LINK: Depathologizing gender identity (by Katherine Wilson, Ph.D.)

Scientific critique of "autogynephilia" & psychopathology model of TS (by Madeline Wyndzen, Ph.D.)

LINK: Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence, and the fallacy of autogynephilia (by Jed Bland)

LINK: The World according to J. Michael Bailey (by Madeline Wyndzen, Ph.D.)

Autism and transsexualism

The uses and limitations of transgender categories

LINK: Gender variance model & Guide to use [PDF files: require reader] (by Jessica Xavier)

LINK: The gender variant phenomenon--A developmental review (by Anne Vitale, Ph.D.)

Counseling transgender, Transsexual, and Gender-Variant Clients (by Lynne Carroll et. al.)

A note on gender tests

DSM-IV-TR on gender identity "disorder" by American Psychology Association

LINK: The Empire Strikes Back: A posttranssexual manifesto (by Sandy Stone, Ph.D.)

LINK: Beyond gatekeeping: truth and trust in therapy with transsexuals (by Maureen Osborne, Ph.D.)

LINK: Joan Roughgarden's works

Dr. Roughgarden is a Stanford biologist whose new book Evolution's Rainbow explores the "social selection" theory of gender variance and sexual orientation. She has just published two excellent articles highly critical of recent books by evolutionary psychologists Thornhill & Palmer and J. Michael Bailey.