News alert by Lynn Conway

Editor's note: When Candice Brown Elliott was revealed as a major contributor on the hoax site, under the pseudonym "Cloudy," Professor Lynn Conway sent out the following alert.


Dear friends,

During the Bailey book fiasco in 2004, a person named Denise Tree launched the “” website. It was purportedly authored by young “homosexual transsexuals” who supported Blanchard’s classification of transwomen as two different types of mentally-ill men. The site later went dormant and eventually went offline, after Andrea James exposed it as a hoax:

The site has just come back to life, apparently as part of the runup to the publication of Dreger’s book defending J. Michael Bailey, and a person code-named “Cloudy” has partnered with Tree to run the site.

Cloudy is an ardent supporter of the sexological ideology of Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence, Zucker and Dreger, as she discusses in the following essay:

“The Invisible Transsexual”, by ‘Cloudy

“I slept through the controversy surrounding the publication of The Man Who Would Be Queen . . . But early last year, in the late winter of 2008, by happenstance, I came across Alice Dreger's history of the controversy . . . I had to read the book for myself; and who best to lend me a copy than Prof. Bailey himself! Prof. Bailey graciously gave me access to an online version of the book and I read it from front to back in nearly one sitting. Although I disagreed with several minor points, I felt I could have written the book myself. I agreed with each and every major point. Who wouldn't, if they knew what I know . . .”

Cloudy proudly claims that she is one of the rare “homosexual transsexuals” (which to her apparently makes her a “true transsexual” in the eyes of psychiatrists). It is hard to understand why she so openly accepts this defamatory label, especially after you read J. Michael Bailey’s pronouncements about that “disorder”:

“Direct Quotes from Bailey’s Book”, by Lynn Conway TSs

Cloudy then goes on to openly name a number of prominent transitioned women as being “autogynephiles” (i.e, as sexually paraphilic mentally ill men), and ridicules their motives and their transitions.  Among the women she names are Christine Jorgensen, Roberta Cowell, Jan Morris, Canary Conn, Jennifer Boylan, Deirdre McCloskey and Julia Serano – and by extension and implication she similarly defames the vast majority of other transitioned women.

In an effort to understand why ‘Cloudy’ would be doing this to our community, Andrea James conducted an investigation to determine who this person is. The investigation has just concluded and the results have been published in As you will see, Cloudy has been identified as a previously respected trans-activist from the 1980’s who went into stealth and who became a very successful entrepreneur in recent years. Tragically, and for reasons known only to her, Cloudy is now vilifying almost all other transitioned women – and doing so from her privileged position of wealth – while hiding in stealth herself.

To learn more about this very sad development, see the following webpages:

“Transgender fringe flare-ups: “PurpleGirl” and “Cloudy”/”Sillyolme””, by Andrea James

“Candice Brown Elliott and "autogynephilia"”, by Andrea James

Please pass on to all interested parties.

All the best,