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Dr. J. Michael Bailey, B.S., Ph.D., scientist

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1. The 2003 lecture “Identity Politics as a Hindrance to Scientific Truth” explains why liars attack this science.

2. Former Psychology Chair, Northwestern University. An evolutionary psychologist, an important new science.

3. Males (always on top) evolved to prefer blue in order to recognize clear skies for hunting, and clear water. *

4. Heterosexual males comprise 96 to 98 percent of the male population. Only 2 to 4 percent of men are gay.

5. Females evolved to prefer pink in order to recognize ripe fruit they pick, and healthy faces of male mates. *

6. Female arousal seems to be relatively indiscriminate. It’s not even sure females have a sexual orientation.

7. Gay men comprise about 2 to 4 percent of males. See The Man Who Would Be Queen, pages 67 and 93.

8. Science proves females get aroused by both male and female images; therefore, “lesbian” is in quotations.

9. True male bisexuality doesn’t exist. See press release “Gay, Straight, or Lying? Science has the answer.”

10. Transsexuals are 0.005 percent of the population, a circle the proportion of the period after the word “liars.” They’re either homosexual or nonhomosexual, relative to their birth sex. Straight ones are all fetishists and are the biggest hindrance to scientific truth. Homosexual ones may be especially well suited to prostitution and motivated to shoplift. Good scientific evidence says you should believe science and not them. See The Man Who Would Be Queen, pages 172-176, for more on their common lies and deceptiveness.

* Thanks to fellow evolutionary psychologists Hurlburt & Ling for publishing this scientific truth in the science journal Current Biology.

Defenders of scientific truth: call or write with compliments: (847) 491-7429 or

Feminists, “bisexual” men, “lesbians,” trans & intersex activists, dissenting scientists, and other liars will be ignored.

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j michael bailey truth
j michael bailey truth

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