Reading Mike: The Annotated Bailey

I'll be doing a close reading of Bailey's The Man Who Would Be Queen over the next few months. I plan to start with the transsexual chapters and then to expand from there. Think of it like The Daily Bailey or something, but less often. Maybe a page or two a month, sort of like an irregular columnist. I've spent enough time around drag queens and grad students (some of whom were both) to know how to read losers like this guy! <wink>

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The Man Who Would Be Queen



139 Title page
140 Empty (like Bailey's life)
141 In which Mike leaves his lonely divorced guy's pad for the wilds of Crobar's gay night.
142 In which we learn young transsexuals work as "strippers, and prostitutes, as well as in many other occupations."
143 In which we learn "experts" (besides Bailey) do not understand transsexuals very well.
144 In which we learn some people are "more transsexual" than others.

Chapter 8: Terese and Cher

145 In which we learn transsexuals "are men, usually dressed and attempting to act like women."
146 In which we learn transsexuals "misrepresent themselves" with stories that are "misleading" and "false."
147 In which the questionable term "autogynephilic transsexuals" is introduced and explained.
148 In which we meet Terese
149 In which we learn young transsexuals "are used to living beyond society's rules."
150 In which there's more on Terese's transition, and Mike opines that she "looks great."
151 In which we learn varying ways young transsexuals "use their penises while they have them."
152 In which we meet Cher and hear her sexual history.
153 In which Cher's sexual history gets progressively more unusual.
154 In which Cher builds a robot man and videotapes sex with it while wearing a mask and listening to Donna Summer.
155 In which Cher wisely seeks therapy and later uses an inheritance to finance genital modification.
156 In which Cher's sexual history continues, and she presents as male to a class of students before stripping to a bikini.

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