J. Michael Bailey is Chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University. In March 2003, he published a book called The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Many see this book as the most defamatory book written about gender variance since Janice Raymond wrote The Transsexual Empire in 1979.

Selected commentaries with a scientific focus

LINK: The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted (by Joan Roughgarden)

LINK: The Bailey Affair: Psychology Perverted: A Response by Drs Hegarty, Lenihan, Barker and Moon

LINK: "Autogynephilia": A disputed diagnosis (by Andrea James)

LINK: Plethysmograph: A disputed device (by Andrea James)

LINK: Ethical minefields: The sex that would be science (by Julie M. Klein, Seed Magazine)


LINK: Queer Science: An 'elite' cadre of scientists and journalists tries to turn back the clock on sex, gender and race
(01-01-2004) LINK:(by Heidi Beirich and Bob Moser, Southern Poverty Law Center)

LINK: Book review (by Pauline Park, Ph.D. Gay Today)

LINK: New gene theory rests on bad science (by Vernon Rosario, Gay & Lesbian Review)

LINK: Autogynephilia: A Mistaken Model (by Beth Orens)

Recommended book on Bailey's ties to the eugenics movement:

American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism by Nancy Ordover, pages 57-124. You may order it through the publisher, University of Minnesota Press, through Amazon, or through your local independent bookseller.