J. Michael Bailey was Chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University until 2004. He stepped down in the wake of an investigation into charges of ethics violations surrounding his 2003 book The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Many see this book as the most defamatory book written about gender variance since Janice Raymond wrote The Transsexual Empire in 1979.

Below are some published peer reviews and commentaries about the quality of his "science."

Selected published commentaries and coverage

LINK: Kinder, gentler homophobia (by David Ehrenstein, The Advocate)

LINK: Biological reductionism meets gender diversity in human sexuality (by Walter O. Bockting, Journal of Sex Research) and commentary by Christine Burns

LINK: Ethical minefields: The sex that would be science (by Julie M. Klein, Seed Magazine)


LINK: Queer Science: An 'elite' cadre of scientists and journalists tries to turn back the clock on sex, gender and race
(01-01-2004) LINK:(by Heidi Beirich and Bob Moser, Southern Poverty Law Center)

LINK: Book review (by Pauline Park, Ph.D. Gay Today)

LINK: Bailey on gay femininity (by Paul Varnell, Chicago Free Press)

LINK: Why are you a queen? (by Paul Varnell, Washington Blade)

LINK: Weird science (by Kim McNabb, Chicago Free Press)

LINK: Author is ripped for transsexual research (by Robert Becker, Chicago Tribune)

LINK: Dr. Sex (by Robin Wilson, Chronicle of Higher Education)

LINK: New gene theory rests on bad science (by Vernon Rosario, Gay & Lesbian Review)

LINK: Trans activists file charges against NU professor (by Gary Barlow, Chicago Free Press)

LINK: NU panel to investigate prof's research tactics (by Sheila Burt and Laurel Jorgensen , Daily Northwestern)

LINK: Bailey accused of having sex with research subject (by Sheila Burt, Daily Northwestern)

LINK: University examining Bailey's sex research (by Katie Walton, Daily Northwestern)

LINK: University investigates ethics of sex researcher (by Robert Stacy McCain, Washington Times)

LINK: NIH director defends funds for criticized sex research (by Robert Stacy McCain, Washington Times)

LINK: Northwestern U. psychologist is accused of having sex with research subject (by Robin Wilson, Chronicle of Higher Education)

LINK: NU professor faces sexual allegations (by Gary Barlow, Chicago Free Press)

Letters re: Dr. Sex (in Chronicle of Higher Education)

LINK: Dr. Sex (by Kate Gambreno, Newcity Chicago)

LINK: Book review (by Geoff Parkes)

LINK: Book review (by Deirdre McCloskey, Reason)

Een Mann gevangen in een mannenlichaam (by Peter Vermey, NRC, excerpts translated by Arianne ven der Ven)

LINK: Sex and Transsexuals (by Dennis Rodkin, Chicago Reader)

LINK: Transsexual Travesty (by Deirdre McCloskey, Chicago Reader)

LINK: The man who would write about queens (Transgender Tapestry)

LINK: Tapestry review: The Man Who Would be Queen (by Christine Beatty, Transgender Tapestry)

LINK: Not a man, not the queen (by Gwen Smith, Bay Area Reporter)

LINK: Book review of The Man Who Would Be Queen (by Liza Mundy, Washington Post)

Lost in the Male (by John Derbyshire, National Review)

LINK: Book review of The Man Who Would Be Queen (by A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D, NARTH)

Transsexuals and the Law (by Dan Seligman, Forbes)

LINK: Bailey's Wick (by Jamison Green, Planet Out)

LINK: Autogynephilia: A Mistaken Model (by Beth Orens)

LINK: To call a woman a queen (by Alison Campbell, Diverse City)

LINK: 2 Transsexual Women Say Professor Didn't Tell Them They Were Research Subjects (by Robin Wilson, Chronicle)

LINK: Transsexuals file complaints over book (by Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press)

Transsexuality treatise triggers furor (by Constance Holden, Science)

Transsexuals protest (by Jon Marcus, Times Higher Education Supplement)

LINK: Diagnosis as libel: A letter of warning to Bailey (by Deirdre McCloskey, U. of Illinois at Chicago)