Parodies and humor related to The Man Who Would Be Queen

A lot of people feel J. Michael Bailey is a joke, and this page proves it.

J. Michael Bailey is former Chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University. In March 2003, he published a book called The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Many see this book as the most defamatory book written about gender variance since Janice Raymond wrote The Transsexual Empire in 1979.

Parodies of J. Michael Bailey and The Man Who Would Be Queen


A scientific chart that shows the scientific truth of Bailey's transsexual science.

Satire: The Dad Who Would Be Lad

Explores the two types of divorced males and their bizarre sexual behavior and lives.

Satire: The Fan Who Would Be Queen (by Janice Blanche)

Another sharp criticism in Bailey's style, this time analyzing men attracted to transsexual women.

Reading Mike: The Annotated Bailey

An early incomplete project analyzing Bailey's book with a close reading.

Satire: The Prisoner Who Would Be Free (by Di Chotomy)

Another sharp criticism in Bailey's style, with prisoners' fantasies of freedom.

Parodies of Anne Lawrence

LINK: Satire: Humping Scottsdalia's Leg (by Llewena)

A blistering riff on Lawrence's vaginoplasty report, Taking Portlandia's Hand.

Parodies of other transsexual taxonomy literature

Satire: The 7DS Theory of Transsexualism

Satire: The DIANATI


LINK: Satire: "J" [Autogodephilia] (by Elaine Rose)

LINK: Satire: BIAS announces new Autogynephilia Poster Girl (by Jamie Faye Fenton)

Satire: Sporting Identity Dysphoria (by Donna Patricia Kelly)