Anne Lawrence IASR article

The following are topline comments regarding an article by Anne Lawrence which appeared in Archives of Sexual Behavior, the publication of the International Academy of Sex Research.


Some of the work reported in this paper was completed by the author in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Human Sexuality at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, California. The author thanks Toby Meltzer and Linda Takata [1] for mailing, collecting, and processing the survey materials; Judith Bradford [2] and the Survey Research Laboratory of Virginia Commonwealth University for help with data entry; and J. Michael Bailey [3], Richard Lippa [4], and Paul Vasey [5] for reviewing and commenting on the manuscript.


1. Toby Meltzer is the surgeon who performed vaginoplasty on Anne Lawrence. Linda Takata is the office manager.

2. Judith Bradford, Ph.D., director of Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratory (SERL), Center for Public Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Preventative Medicine and Community Health, Medical College of Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth University). Bradford is also Co-Director of the Fenway Institute and Director of Lesbian Health Research at Fenway Community Health.

3. J. Michael Bailey, IASR member

4. Dr. Richard Lippa, IASR member
(Note: has developed an assay/scale of masculinity vs. femininity)
Professor of Psychology
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, Ca. 92834-6846
(714) 278-3654

5. Paul Vasey, IASR member



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